Custom DevOps Solutions

We analyze your performance bottlenecks, operate and maintain your server infrastucture and automate your complete release flow. Starting at $600.

We use the most common Open Source DevOps tools!

Grow with your users & business needs!

Our team of Site Reliability Engineers analyze performance bottlenecks and automate your complete release process.

Systems monitoring

Systems monitoring

We build custom Grafana dashboards & Prometheus alert rules based on your business needs.

Data alerts & analysis

Data alerts & analysis

We implement alarms and full-link information tracking - providing valuable insights into opportunities ahead.

Log query system

Log query system

Quickly sort through and analyze your Kubernetes Pods log data. We run problem analysis and security scans, using Elasticsearch, Fluentd and Kibana.

Production-ready clusters

Production-ready clusters

We deliver high availability production environments. We set up Cloud Native Kubernetes Engine or build your own Kubernetes cluster, customized for your business needs.

Automated deployment

Automated deployment

We set up continuous integration & continuous delivery processes, so you can concentrate on writing code.

Collaboration tooling

Collaboration tooling

We set up your custom code warehouse, using Gitea. You can easily manage your sysadmin account via LDAP.

Professional & Low-cost

With over ten years DevOps experience, we automate your processes with a fraction of the cost of a DevOps employee.

24/7 Support Chat

We run professional operations support, responding 24/7. So you can concentrate on your business.

Scalability on Demand

Our clusters scale with demand. Built on the most secure open source technology. Stable through automation.


We support your cloud journey, from setup to scaling production systems.



Basic server operation and maintenance

  • LDAP Support
  • Gitea
  • EFK
  • Prometheus
  • CI/CD Support
  • Auto-Deployment R&D



Fast growing teams who just get started

  • Configs fine-tuning
  • 2 Developer trainings
  • 24/7 support & emergency response
  • Data insurance



Fastly growing companies who need stable scalability

  • LDAP VIP Version
  • 6 Developer trainings
  • DevSecOPS R&D
  • Infrastructure Insight
"Their reliable team helped us quickly launch our 1.0 version and again upgrade to 2.0, successfully helping us seize the market opportunity before the wedding season!"
Zhang TingTing
Zhang TingTing, Co-Founder
"Sagescaling has been providing support for our e-commerce brands for a long time. During our cooperation, they secured a stable and safe operation of our platform."
Wei TaiMin
Wei TaiMin
Tomatopai, Founder
"We needed to tackle operation growth. Setting up a maintenance team ourselves would drive costs too high. Luckily sagescaling has helped us solve this difficult problem!"
Wang Yu
Wang Yu, CEO